COVID Disclaimer

Calvary Baptist Church is committed to adhering and following goverment recommendations as they pertain to seating limits, physical distancing, mask wearing and interactions during the COVID19 pandemic.

When physical gathering is allowed, your registration will be verified prior to entering the sanctuary. Please register here.

Wearing a mask will be required at all times while singing and when not seated.

Seating space is limited in the sanctuary in keeping with government recommendations. Prior to entering the sanctuary, an usher will direct you to a seat.

There will be multiple hand santizing locations within the building itself and specific entrances and exists have been designated.


On Sunday Morning:

On an average Sunday morning our services begin at 11 AM. Most people will be dressed casually, and the service will include singing (modern worship songs and a mixture of old and new hymns, led by a band), prayer, and expositional preaching. The song lyrics and the sermon outline will often be projected on a screen in front of the room, so you do not need to worry about not knowing the words. Often there will be videos during the service to help express a Biblical message.

The service is usually about an hour and a half long, with a great deal of that time being filled with the sermon. If you have a Bible, you may want to bring it, since the preacher will be referring to it frequently. We use a variety of translations, as long as they seek to accurately translate the original Greek and Hebrew. Some of our attenders enjoy taking notes on the sermon, which can help you remember the details or remember if you have questions about the sermon for the preacher after the service.

We have an active children's ministry, and children of early school age or younger (usually grade 1) will be dismissed to go to their classes halfway through the service. Older children normally stay and listen to the sermon. A Nursery is also available throughout the service.

People tend to hang around and talk to one another before and after the service, so please take the time to get to know other attenders while you're with us. We pray you will have a great time meeting with Jesus as you worship with us!