Please expect delays accessing the church parking lot this coming Sunday, June 23 due to the annual Tely 10 Race.

The service is still proceeding at 10:30AM but delays are expected as the runners race along Topsail Road.

So you'd like to read the Bible this year? Here are some resources to help you.

One plan is George Guthrie's Chronological Bible Reading Plan. The book that contains the plan also includes a lot of helpful information in helping you understand the Bible and its genres.

The Bible Project is a more comprehensive plan with support material in the form of videos to guide you through major sections of the bible. 

The Robert Murray M'Cheyne plan was the one elders followed last year. With 4 readings a day (2 for personal devotion, 2 for family devotion) It remains popular.

Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading system 
is also popular since it can be started at any time, and continued from where you left off at any interval. It is ambitious, however, as it requires 10 chapters of reading at each session.

Desiring God also has some advice for another year of Bible Reading.

If you're having trouble enjoying your Bible Reading, the Elders recommend "How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible" by Keith Ferrin. It's available on Kindle.

Still, need ideas for Bible reading plans? Check out recommendations from Tim Challies, and from Ligonier Ministries

And please, remember that Bible Reading is a means of God's grace in your life. Please don't make it a legalistic duty, but more of a spiritual feeding on the things of God when you are spiritually hungry.

God bless,

Calvary's elders.