Please expect delays accessing the church parking lot this coming Sunday, June 23 due to the annual Tely 10 Race.

The service is still proceeding at 10:30AM but delays are expected as the runners race along Topsail Road.

Founded in 1497, St. John's is the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador. And not only that, but it is laso the most easterly city in North America, and one of North America's oldest. 

Set on the east coast of the island portion of the province, the weather here is often warmer than most of Canada in the winter, and colder in the summer. Since we are in the North Atlantic, throughout spring and early summer, you can often see icebergs off our coast. 

Both the city of St. John's, Mount Pearl, as well as the regional metropolitan area, has seen drastic change over the last few years, as the discovery of offshore oil has led to a population increase, and a wider diversity of people than in previous generations. As a result there is a greater oppotunity for Gospel witness in the city. That said, our culture retains its strong Irish/English character.