Calvary Values:

A Grand Vision of God – God is often portrayed as out-of-touch, mean-spirited, or irrelevant. We, however, believe that God is glorious, delightfully so! His wonders cannot be exhausted, for he is the Creator, Sustainer, and Ruler of all things. We long to see his glory known and displayed, and we strive to keep him at the centre of all we do. Our preaching and teaching come from a broadly "Reformed" understanding of Scripture. God's word promotes His total sovereignty over our lives We rejoice in this truth and hope to live lives that exalt His glory and the Gospel of Christ.

A Devotion to the Lordship of Jesus Christ – Devotion to Jesus is not drudgery. It’s a joy! Jesus is worthy of our commitment and devotion, because he is Lord. We aim to follow Jesus as his disciples, believing that Jesus is the only one who offers us eternal, abundant life. We are committed to our Lord and long for the day of his return.

A Joy in Salvation and Forgiveness – We are fully aware of how sinful and needy and ugly we are. But God graciously saves people, through the death and resurrection of Jesus, from shameful deeds, guilt and corruption. Through God’s gift of forgiveness and spiritual life can we experience peace with God, with ourselves, and with those around us. Through spiritual ‘rebirth,’ God creates us anew to love and trust him in a living relationship with himself. We continue to be amazed that God saves by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

A Commitment to Truth and the Bible – What can you trust these days? We are so glad we have not been left in the dark! We believe the Bible is totally true and can be trusted to guide us to a life marked by joy, peace in the midst of suffering, and hope in the face of death. Because we love God’s truth, we are committed to teaching and spreading this life-giving truth to others.

A Desire for Heartfelt Worship – We all seek to be inspired by someone or something. When we know God as He really is, we find all we need to be inspired and filled with joy. By God’s grace, our worship is heartfelt and sincere.

Families & Friends – Life often seems to pull us apart – from family members that we love and friends that we enjoy. Jesus' message of forgiveness deepens our relationships with others, brings families together, and breathes new life into friendships. We love God’s glory in people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Concern about the World and Culture – Instead of irresponsibly withdrawing from our culture, we aspire to carefully and thoughtfully interact with it, enjoying what is good and striving for the transformation of whatever dishonors God—seeking to be salt and light in the darkened world around us as Jesus instructs us.

Cooperation - Calvary was launched in 1993 and is a part of the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches. Although Calvary is a self-governing family of believers, we enjoy a wonderful association with other churches in our convention and beyond.